what is Web hosting and its basic types?

what is Web hosting and its basic types?

What is web hosting ?

let’s talk about web hosting

Web hosting is the service to give shelter and support to your website on the internet or it is a space which you need that storage or space comes in the form of servers and also, hosting is just a home for your website

For example – when you want to start a business in the real world you need a physical location to keep and sell your products right like a store the same as you need a physical space for an online business to the files and codes that make up your website take up space.what-is-hosting

How did web hosting work?

Web hosting provider companies that rent out their services and technologies to host websites on the internet.

Getting hosting is quite similar to renting land and Hosting service providers are landlords. when hosting company hosts your site,

users can access & see it by typing in your web address (URL) or domain name in their browser. After that, the visitor directly connects to the server.

then, the server shows up your website to your visitor by sending that data that you store on hosting.web-hosting

How to choose the right web hosting?

There is a number of web hosting providers available in the world such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Namecheap, siteground, big rock, etc but which one would be right for your business, ask some questions to yourself which I share below :

  • First, look out your motive to make a website like as what type of website you want to create
  • for instance, a news website, a blog or an e-commerce portal, etc because by deciding this you will estimate how much web traffic you expect on your website

After this, you will determine your hosting plan requirements of following

  • price of plans(budget): you’ll need to be extra keen on the price point this shows how the vendor compares to the markets average both locally and internationally
  • bandwidth
  •  storage space(memory)

How to buy web hosting?

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How to know which web hosting to best for you and your location?

Go to hosting sites and looking for below features:


  • performance: it greatly contributes to the success of your site so it’s important that you keep an eye on speed and uptime guarantee of the web host


  •  security protection: it is also critical information online you should keep always be a top priority for the web host giving you
  • protection from physical and software vicious attacks from viruses and hackers
  • Backups and free SSL certificate: because in 2018 Google announced that websites without SSL certificates will be considered unsafe
  • Support: support agents are available 24/7 or not, with email and live chat.
  • Mobile Access–due to this you can access your control panel from your mobile phone anywhere.
  • Customers reviews– it will help to build your trust or reputation of the company and you can also find how old it is in the market (age of company ) or how many clients have till the present year.

What types are hosting are available?

There are several types of hosting but only four major hostingtypes-of-hosting

1.Shared hosting

shared hosting account that shares space and resources with multiple other websites on the same server.

Best suited for a beginner blog or a small business than shared hosting is a good choice for you.in share hosting most popular hosting plans along with most people in the worldShared-hosting


  •  Simple
  •  Affordable
  •  No complex setup process

CONS (-)

  • more than one website on the same server.
  • the full performance or server control is not in your hands.
  • your website to slow down due to the overload of another shared website.

2.VPS hosting

A virtual private server hosting separates a server into virtual servers, where each website is hosted on their own allocated server, but they’re sharing a main server with some other users.

VPS hosting provides root access to virtual space and a well-secured hosting environment. The CPU time and memory are still shared by others.VPS Hosting


  • secured environment
  • More powerful

CONS (-)

  • Limited ability to handle high traffic levels
  • performance affected by other sites on the server

3.Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated hosting gives you fully controlled one physical server from a hosting company that’s devoted entirely to a single client.

dedicated hosting is also very powerful because it belongs to you only no one shares and controlled on this without you so you can run and install any software you wish to.

All the resources controlled under the customer. Dedicated-Server-Hosting

PROS (+)

  • Full access server
  • Good performance

CONS (-)

  •  expensive
  •  Higher responsibility

4.Cloud hosting

A group of servers (called a cloud) work together to host a bundle of websites.it boosts its power from various resources which making sure you never have any downtime.

Cloud hosting is often considered the most trustworthy of all of the services. In this you only pay for what resources you use – nothing more or less.

Your hardware is virtual With Cloud hosting.cloud-hosting

PROS (+)

  •  unlimited speed
  • ability to handle high traffic

CONS (-)

  • confusing setup
  • higher cost

There are many other web hostings some are free  such as

  • WordPress hosting (free or paid)
  • blogspot hosting (free)
  • reseller hosting (paid)
  • e-Commerce hosting (paid)
  • enterprise hosting (paid)

if you are serious about your aim of website or online business then we recommended you go with one of the above-explained hosting.

our advice is you choose shared hosting plus plan at initial state because its good for low budget and learning.

you can change your plan or hosting at any time.

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