Make a website in wordpress just 4 steps , its very simple and easy process.

why make a website is important for you and why you need a website for your business?

A website is necessary to connect with the world and also it helps to grow your business because you can easily communicate with your customer through a website or other major reason for making a website is you start your own online earning from home by making a website on a specific niche and do work as a freelancer.

To quickly Go through the steps which are important for making a website


NOTE: Please Read full article before the beginning buying process

only 4 stairs to make your own website & starting your online business & earning! So let’s start now!



1.Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Name: (a web address like

  • Domain names generally end with .com, .org or .net, but in recent years, an enormous amount of domain extensions (the end a part of the online address, like .com) have come out, ranging from.UK to .pizza.

  • According to my advice? Avoid the weird extensions and go

  • but if you can find a more common name then find it.

  • Most hosting providers offer free domains for one year with hosting.

You can also buy domain name while buying a Hosting plan and we will show you bellow with steps in the hosting section.

Process of Registering a Domain(All sites buying process is almost same so you can from your favorite site)

  • Go to site which you think best for you(
  • Enter your Name which suits your niche or business.

  • Check the availability of your domain name and If a domain name is available.

  • Then if you have an account then sign in or if you not have an account then sign up by adding personal details or you can also log in with google account.

  • If you aren’t ready to choose a domain right now or you can do it at a later point in your website setup.

2.Choosing a Website Hosting

(a service that connects your site to the internet)
Here’s how to sign up with a web hosting provider Bluehost hosting. It’s too easy,

Let’s Start

Go To web Hosting site(There are number of hosting websites)

I Recommended it is a cheap and best Hosting provider site


Choose the best hosting plan according to your budget and work

Mainly all hosting provider has three or four hosting plans

choice Plus

My advice is if you are a beginner then go with a BASIC plan because you can later upgrade your plan after start earning by blogging.Hosting-plans
  • If you buy hosting from Bluehost then follow steps which I show you below
  • If you don’t have a domain name yet, here’s an easy step for starting point:Domain-name-selection
  • If you’ve already got a website name, just enter it in and click on “Next” on the “I have a domain name” form.
  • If you aren’t able to choose a website immediately, you can buy it later and click on choose later.

3. Fill In Your Account Details for payment

  • Now it’s time to create your web hosting account. Give your own   information on the “create your account” page.
  • You’ll need to fill up all the boxes like your first name, last name, country, street address, city, zip code, phone number, and email address.

Make sure your information and email are correct because Your receipt will be sent to the email address you enter here.Account-information

4.Scroll down the page for package information and payment or billing information

  • These are the last steps you’ll undergo before your account creation is complete, so you’re almost there….
  • Simply, select the period of time of your Hosting plan and payment (their number of payment options credit cards, debit card, PayPal, etc)
  • If you chose their “Choice Plus” plan you’ll have already got the Domain privacy and Codeguard basic included. Otherwise, I like to recommend getting a website privacy protection.
  • This keeps your registration information fully hidden from the general public. No-one can determine that you simply are the owner of your domain.Package-Information


5. Confirm your account and create your password for login to hosting account

  • After completing the registration and submitted your payment information, you’ll receive an email from BlueHost with a unique link that’s used to confirm that you made the account yourself.
  • After confirmation, Below the congratulatory message, you’ll find a button to create your password. Click on it and choose a password that’s easy to remember and unique. IF you forgot password then you can easily create your new password with your email id and you can also take help from your hosting provider they always ready to help with live chat.

After that’s completed, you’re all done. You can now log into your BlueHost hosting account and get started further.step-2

Set up your website through the web host

Once you’ve bought your domain name and set up your hosting. Then Choose Platform

There are many different types of website building platforms are available in market

WordPress (free) 58.8%
Joomla (free) 6.6%
Blogger(free) 2.8%
Magento( 2.8%)

There are three main content management platforms that the majority of the world’s websites are run on.
WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Which one will it

I recommended you ought to accompany WordPress


Why most people use WordPress to make a website or why you ought to use WordPress…


WordPress is the hottest software to create a website. over 50% of the most popular websites are run on WordPress engine.

The WordPress platform is so easy to use. it can be easily customized with a lot of free plugins. I’ve ever worked with, but it’s flexible enough to everyone use for – small business websites, online shops, bigger organizations and so on…

2. Most Powerful

WordPress is extremely powerful and can run many types of websites. It’s a trusted platform for many of the top-rated websites in the world. It can handle pretty much anything. It can be an excellent eCommerce option. Adding a web store to your site will cost you additional on all site builders. However, it’s free on WordPress with WooCommerce.

3.Free for Everyone

WordPress is free and a lot of plugins and themes free available for creating a wonderful look.

4.Responsive & Mobile Friendly

WordPress is mobile friendly and nowadays, everyone surfing on the internet in the mobile phone because it becomes smartphone and everything do on it very easily due to this more and more person visiting sites on their phones and other mobile devices, it’s really important to have a site that is responsive to these digital demands. There is a majority of WordPress themes that come as mobile-friendly.

How to install WordPress

After Installing WordPress.It Look Professional!

if you would like I install for you then click here

Before start installing WordPress you require three things first.

  1. New database
  2. Database user
  3. Add the user to the database

1.Create The WordPress Database

create the database that we’ll use for our WordPress site. Let’s look at the belowdatabases-mysql-databasesopen MySQL Databases then, to make a new database simply input a name within the new Database text field. It might be any name. just like the name of your website or the other.create-new-database-c-panel

You will get a confirmation message that the database has been added.

Make sure to repeat the name of the database which shows within the quotes. And copy it on a Notepad as a text file. We will need it soon.

Then click on Go Back to return to the previous page.

2. Create the database user

Now, we will create the username for the newly created database.

scrolling down the same page to Add New User section.

In the Username field, we can give any user names we like.

After, giving the user name we will create a strong password. In this section, we will create a password manually or with the help of Password, can choose any way for creating a password.

Now is to click on the Create User button. You will get a confirmation, that your user has been successfully created.

Then click on Go Back to return.

3. Add the user to the database(mapping)

Again, scroll down the page to mapping(join) the User To Database section. Create The WordPress Databaseadd-user-to-database-cpanel

select user name and database then, click mapping for adding user and database.

After that, you’ll be the shift to the new screen and here you MANAGE USER PRIVILEGES.

Mark the ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox for giving permission to access users to data and click on make changes for saving changes.

You can also copy the user name and database from this page it shows on the top bar close to box all privileges. you’ll check out a diagram for clarification.manage-db-user-privileges-cpanelit necessary to copy and save database name and user name and also, remember the password which you created while user name for installing WordPress.

Now Let’s start, installing WordPress step by step

There are two possible ways to installing WordPress, Install with 1-click installation or manual installation.

One-click install is very easy .we will show both ways of installing WordPress

First way

1. To make a website with WordPress use the “one-click installation”:

Mostly every trustworthy and well-established hosting provider company has integrated 1-click-installation for WordPress.

If you signed up with Bluehost or the other similar hosting company, you ought to find your “1-click-installation” in your account c-panel.

Here are the steps you ought to follow (should be similar/same on all the main web hosting companies):

1.Log in to your hosting (Bluehost) account.
2.visit your c-panel and Scroll down.Install-WordPress-one-click

3.Look for the “WordPress” or “Website” icon.
4.Choose the domain where you would like to install your new WordPress.
5.Click the “Install Now” button and you’ll get access to your new WordPress website.

Note: if they don’t have 1-click-installation, maybe you’re dealing with a bad host!

Second way

2.Manual installation(For those who don’t use Bluehost or any similar host)

Some web designers/developers like to install WordPress manually to get a custom install of the components they want and don’t want. Some will need to manually install because their web host does not have the “1-click-installation” capability. If you want to install this way then you’ll need to have a quick read-through of my Manual WordPress Set-Up Guide.

Follow these quick and straightforward steps to install WordPress manually onto your server.
1. Firstly, Download WordPress click here to download and save it on your computer.
2. Create a WordPress named folder on your desktop or somewhere on your computer.
3.Upload WordPress File to Your Hosting Account

log in to your cPanel account then click on File Manager which is located under the FILES submenu.files-file-manager-cpanel

Now, click on upload which shows on top bar then upload downloaded WordPress file from your computer in the folder named public_html.

When the progress bar shows 100% then you will click on the Go Back to button to close this window and return to the File Manager window.

You can now look that the zip file of WordPress installation is now listed under your public_html folder.

We want to unzip/extract the WordPress installation files. To do that we will make sure that the public_html folder is selected from the left navigation pane.

Then we would like to make sure that we’ve selected the WordPress installation file as shown above. You select the file by clicking on it once.

When the file is selected, click on Extract from the toolbar as shown above.

Once it finishes, then, You will now see extracted files have been placed in a new folder called WordPress And we want to have the files moved under the public_html folder, which is our root folder.

you can take an idea from below to look at selecting portion and arrows, if you can’t judge from image then read below…cpanel-file-manager-move-files

first, select the WordPress folder from the left navigation and open it. Then, select all files from the WordPress folder.

After that, click on the move which shows on the toolbar at the top. Then, A Move dialog box pops up as shown above in image and we will change the location from /public_html/Wordpress to /public_html/ by deleting the WordPress word from the file structure. See the diagram above for clarification.

Once done, click on Move File(s) to finally move them to their /public_html.

Install WordPress – Finally

Now, We need to run the installation from a web can open any browser.

So you have typed your domain name in a browser then The browser will now redirect to the installation page at this URL:

Then, you see the same window for choosing a language for your site.wordpress-installation-language

After, choosing the language then click on continue and go to the next page then click on let’s go.

Then, you go to a form page and here we need to fill details

Database(which database we created before stating installation copy and paste here)
user name(which username we created before stating installation copy and paste here)
password (put that password here which we set while creating username)
Database host (most of the people use localhost for database but some big companies use another host so when you can put another hostname otherwise no need to change)
Table name(here you can write any name its show starting of your site file name in file manager I think it is not you much important to change)wordpress-process

After, filling all the details click on submit and click on the run installation button.

After that, we fill some information to access the site dashboard. WordPress dashboard login id & passwordwordpress-login-password

You need to input your Username & Password. You can choose any username you want here. You need this username & password for login into the dashboard of your site.

Then, fill all the information and click on install WordPress.

Finally, your WordPress installation is completed and you can see success on the login page.

At last, enter your WordPress username & password then click on login to enter your site.step-3

Design your website

Once you have successfully installed WordPress. Then, log in to your clean and basic site dashboard. Type your domain name and wp-login

Example: dashboardwordpress-dashboard

How To Find & install a Theme

Most of the WordPress themes are free to use and highly customizable but I recommended use paid themes.
If you are a beginner or your budget is too low then I suggested some top best themes which are best for any type of websites and customization level is like a pro theme
1.Ocean WP
3.Generate Press

There are thousands of awesome, professionally designed themes you’ll choose and customize for your website.

Let’s start how to find a theme in WordPress

You can see below the appearance on the dashboard menu.

Note: choose or find a theme related to your site or niche and make sure you choose an SEO friendly and responsive theme.

Click “Appearance” then “Themes”.by following these steps you will move to the main page for WordPress’ free themes section.
Now, click on the “Add New” button in the theme section.
After that, a lot of themes are open on a new page.
You can preview any theme before installing it on your site.

Installing a Theme

Once you selected a theme for your website.
it’s simple to install, first click on the “install” button then on “activate”.Install-themeNote=You can change themes as often as you want without having to worry about losing data which you’ve created but look of your website will be changed.Step-4

Finish by adding content (pages, posts)

Now, you’re ready to start creating content.

How to Create & Edit a new page In WordPress website.

1.In WordPress, Dashboard search for the section called “Pages” and then find the option “Add New” in the sidebar or top bar of pages section.
2.After clicking on adding new open a new window which will look like Microsoft Word or also, Its functions are very similar to Microsoft Word. You can add text, images, video, short-codes and more.
3.After, adding text or images then click on publish or save draft it’s your choice if you want to publish later. You can also preview your page before publishing.

Then next, Adding pages to the menu

If you wish to show your new page in the top navigation bar of your WordPress website, you’ll need to do the following 3 easy steps.

1.Save your work. To make sure you don’t lose any of your content that you’ve created on your page, click “Update”
2.In the WordPress Dashboard sidebar Click on “Appearance” then “Menus”
3.The page that you’ve just created will be displayed in the “Pages” box to the left of the center. Then, mark on the tick box to the pages you would like to be added to your menu, then click “Add to Menu”.In the “Menu Structure” section, you can change the order of the pages by just clicking and dragging into position.wordpress-navigation-bar-website

Almost, the same process for adding and editing posts.

Customization and Tweaks

In this section, I’ll cover some of the basic things which help your customization.

Changing Your Title and Tagline

1.Go to the dashboard and scrolling to settings.
2.Then, click on general and fill details in the form

Title: you ought to use a singular and unique title on every page of your site. For example, my site’s title is “How to Make a Website”.

Tagline: is added at the top of titles across every page and it is a short line that describe your website. My site’s tagline is “just another site”.Site-Title-and-Tagline

Installing Plugins to Get More out of WordPress

What is a plugin?

Plugins are external applications that are helping to feature more functions to your WordPress website and that they make your site look attractive and step up your site security also or accessibility becomes easy, ’ that doesn’t come from a pre-installed WordPress site and it made from third party companies. Most of the plugins are free but with some you can pro version for using all features of a plugin.
You can use plugins to do everything and optimizing your website and creating an online store.

Installing A Plugin

To install a plugin, go to the dashboard and scroll down to the “Plugin” section and then select “Add New” and simply start searching.

There are over thousands of different plugins, so you can choose from according to your requirements.

Installation is straightforward – once you discover a plugin you want, just click “Install” then, activate.
Some Useful WordPress Plugins

Contact form 7:is one among the most popular and oldest WordPress contact form plugin. It’s an awesome feature due to this people can fill in the form and send an email without logging into their own email provider about any query.

Elementor: It’s a popular Page Builder and we can build a page with drag and drop things it,s a quick and fast option for building pages and design your website. This makes the interface fun and straightforward to work with.

WPS Hide Login: it’s a really light plugin. You can easily and safely change the URL of the wp-admin login(WordPress) form page to anything you would like. convert according to your choice like

Google Site Kit: allows you to access information from google platforms like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights and tracking your site visitors/traffic and their behavior? Just install this plugin, connect it with your Google account which you entered in google console while registration process of indexing and you’re ready to go.

Yoast SEO for WordPress: It’s available in free and pro versions, and it’s an awesome SEO-friendly plugin. You can easily add your posts or pages title, meta descriptions and more. Due to this plugin, you can boost your site SEO(search engine optimize).

Grammarly(extension)-it is a wonderful Extention for checking grammar and punctuation from your post. It is available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and this is works properly as a free version but under some limits so if you have a budget then buy it.


According to my view point Step 1 and step 2 are most important for make a website because without these steps you can not make a website or growing you business quickly and first two steps are almost same for a website.

I think above given information is enough for building a website but if you face any type of issue or problem then, leave a comment or mail to us [email protected] .

we will try to solve your issue as soon as possible because we want to help for your growing business or  start earning online.

Congratulations Now your website is ready to launch and start your own business!